The Learning Process

There is a great learning curve when it comes to beer and beer tasting.  Having grown up always thinking that all beer was the same, I have been on a very interesting path of learning.  My friend Brandon has been a great teacher, he has been very patient when it comes to answering my questions, tasting with me, challenging my views and giving me resources.

As with most things I want to be an expert now and that just does not work with beer the same way it does not work with anything else in life.  So I have set about to just drink beer, learn to taste it, really taste it, the subtle differences in hops, and malts.  To look at the color and smell the florals of the hops.  In the past, I just drank the beer out of the bottle, but I have spent time learning which glass and why.  I am enjoying the learning, and hope that I can help other women enjoy the same.

I will start posting some of the beers I have been drinking and who I think they taste.  What I like about them and what you might.  As well I have had a few that I did not like.  I will learn from my mistakes and I am sure I will be challenged by many, especially my friend and mentor, Brandon.

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  • I have never found a beer I like the taste of – what is the best beer for a novice? I once enjoyed a bottle of Rolling Rock but I don’t think that counts for real beer experts. Someone told me Belgian beer is good and you can get fruit versions but I have never found out if that is true!
    I always leave lipstick on the rim but only on a wine glass.
    I really like the idea of a mentor.

    • admin:

      Try a nice Belgium, they are light, a little sweet. Honestly, beer is something you have to try lots of. Next time you go to a Brew Pub, ask for a sampler flight, try all of them. You will learn that there are one or two beers in the flight you really do like and there are others you are not to fond of. Some people like really bitter beers, like the IPA, or the chocolaty taste of a Porter Beer, while others like the clean fresh taste of a wheat beer. Don’t stop trying them, you may run into that very one you really like.

  • Great informations once again!! Thumbs up=)

  • Awesome work over again.! I am looking forward for more updates!

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